Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sensations of Spring!

Here I sit at my on my deck on the first real warm evening of a Saskatchewan spring. We are lucky the temperatures are above seasonal today and though I wrap my sweater around me as the sun slowly dips and wanes I feel the sensation of spring. The sensation of spring is far beyond an rejuvenating feeling brought on by an internal clock. Tonight it takes on the more tangible, it is made real by one of the most amazing sights any Canadian can experience. The wild blue of a cooling evening sky is crowded to bursting with Canada geese by the thousands, perhaps the tens of thousands.

I am a Canadian. I have welcomed the geese and relished their return home year after year but never have I so entirely been immersed in the experience, so emotionally uplifted by the repeating waves of V-formations, nature's perfect patterning until tonight. Their incessant, and jubilant honking created a fervor within me, a sense of well being heralding the coming of spring and its renewal!

Today was a difficult one but the sensation of spring has renewed my faith in tomorrow!

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