Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long Anticipated Syracuse Cultural Workers -- Review and Giveaway!

As I've posted before Syracuse Cultural Workers is one of my favourite stores and organizations! And now I have a great giveaway from SCW for you!! Syracuse Cultural Workers is a store which provides "Tools For Change"! They have been a Peace and Justice Publisher and Distributor since 1982 and believe strongly in the link between art and activism. They believe that art can act as a catalyst for positive social change! For those of you who have not read my earlier SCW Review {a real "must-read"} it explains SCW's philosophy and their business practices. In my last post I spoke widely of the SCW mission, Syracuse Cultural Workers' social and environmental conscience, and their commitment to building community, honouring diversity, and promoting peace. To avoid being redundant I thought I would this time review Syracuse Cultural Workers with a bit of a twist! This post is called...

"These are a few of my Favourite Things..."
When I peruse a Syracuse Cultural Workers Catalog it is quickly transformed from a smooth, impeccable magazine to a highlighted, dog-eared, penned, and worn periodical! I just can not help finding something of interest on every page. While sitting back and enjoying their online catalogue in preparation for this review I had the perverse temptation to try dog-earring the corner of the computer screen {okay...maybe I haven't completely made the leap into the computer age}! I have several treasured items from Syracuse Cultural Workers but am planning to order again shortly so I thought I might give you a sneak peek at a few of my favourites!
::I think one of my favourite bookmarks is the one which states:
~Admittedly as a former educator I suppose I am a little biased! But what a great addition to a teacher's gift!
Books are always my weakness! I did narrow it down to five:
:: "100 Things Guys Need to Know" by Bill Zimmerman ~ This book is for boys ages 9-14 and discusses dealing with issues as bullying, peer pressure, failure, family life and more. I want this for my son!
:: "Thanks And Have Fun Running the Country: Letters to President Obama" ~You know I couldn't resist at least one Obama themed item! This is a compilation of endearing children's letters to president Barack Obama.
:: "365 Ways To Change The World" by Michael Norton ~This book offers ideas on how you can act as a catalyst for change. It's a great starting point for personally addressing issues important to you!
:: "From Outrage to Courage: Taking Action for Health and Justice" by Ann Firth Murray ~I truly try to understand the plights of women all over the world and their fight for their human rights against great odds and social restraints so this book sounds fascinating !
:: "33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History" edited by Tanya Bolden ~ This book is actually for ages 10 and up and focuses on women in US history but I would love to share this with my girls in the coming years!
:: "Coexist" ~You will have to see it to understand why I love this button!
~I find it so impossible to decide on SCW gift cards! I love them all! A few I have and enjoy are:
~Others I'd like:
:: "Dissent is Patriotic", "Peace On Earth", "Beloved Community", and "Love Spoken Here"
:: "There's no mad tofu disease" ~ For my vegetarian and vegan friends!

Finally, One of the best items Syracuse Cultural Workers offers is the Peace Calendar! This calendar is year's celebration of life, diversity, and history and you can download a fantastic Teacher's Guide from the SCW website! This is fabulous for teachers and would make a Christmas teacher's gift that is unique and a great resource!
In honour of Earth Day 2009 Syracuse Cultural Workers is having a half price sale on all their green posters! And remember if you would like to promote or support SCW be sure to sign up for their Stuff-It
Did I leave anything for you to see at SCW? I certainly did!! My Favourite Things list is just a taste of what you will find. And now you may be the lucky reader to win a $20 {US} gift certificate to purchase your favourite item{s}!

To Enter:
~Visit Syracuse Cultural Workers and come back to comment on a favourite item not listed here already! {This is Required}
~Non-bloggers can also enter just be sure to leave a valid email with your comment.
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This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents. Giveaway closes April 28th, 2009 10:00pm CT. Please see General Giveaway Rules for details.


  1. Love the kids t-shirt "childhood is a journey, not a race". Great message!

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  4. I would buy the kids t-shirt "Childhood is a journey, not a race" for my son. Kids are growing up so fast these days and are forgetting how to just be kids. I want him to always remember how to be a kid.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  5. So hard to choose! I like the "childhood is a journey" t-shirt, lullabyes from the axis of evil and the book "take a deep breath"

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  7. I love the Green Lunch Bag!

  8. well. im a big fan of coffee, and coffee cups! i love the Art Not War cup. very cool.

  9. i would definetly buy the Art not War coffee mug. thanks for the chance to win!

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