Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Eyed Monster Review and Discount!

Have you ever fallen victim to the Green-eyed Monster? Envy can be a terrible thing! But why not be the subject of "Bag" envy by embracing the Green Eyed Monster BYOB {Bring your Own Bag}? What on earth am I talking about? Eco-friendly reuseable bags from the sister team of Ashley and Kimmy and their company Green Eyed Monster. My favourite bag is the Live enviably design. Ashley and Kimmy strive to live enviably and want you to as well!

Each year an estimated 500 million to 1 billion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, about one every minute! Eeeek! The average family consumes 2500 plastic bags a year and must end up in landfills! The Green Eyed Monster provides a unique and socially responsible alternative! These bags are unique because The Green Eyed Monster calls upon artists to create their bag designs through entering online contests.

Are you a designer or artist looking for a new project? Green Eyed Monster is currently holding a bag design competition focused on the ECOnomy! It's a chance to win $500 and to utilize your creativity to help the environment! Checkout the competition details!

The bags designed through Green Eyed Monster's last contest are selling now and were designed in honour of Earth Day 2009. They are limited edition and a portion of the proceeds, as with all their bags, goes to a non-profit environmental organization. Their latest cause is "Tree People", an organization focused on critical water issues!

Each naturally coloured tote is made of 100% post-consumer recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. In honour of Earth Day Green Eyed Monster is offering all Northern Mama readers a 10% discount from now until May 8th 2009! When ordering use the discount code: earthmama {in lowercase letters}.

All discount codes are easy to access through my left-hand sidebar Discount Code list!

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