Wednesday, April 15, 2009

David Suzuki -- I'm a Fan!

Like most Canadians my first real introduction to scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki was the CBC series "The Nature of Things". This show represented the collision of both my husband's interest in science and my interest in culture, in particular indigenous cultures of the world, so how could we resist? In 2000 we joined one of Suzuki's environmental challenges and have followed his foundation and his book publications since. It was a real coup for us and some of our friends when David Suzuki toured the arctic and was the featured speaker at a 2003-2004 teacher's conference we attended in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. I remember feeling the giddiness of one wowed by celebrity when Suzuki and his wife walked into the host school's staffroom and his wife began cooing over my daughter Emma. "What a beautiful baby girl!" she had said!
After the evening seminar Dr. Suzuki gave we waited eagerly along with friends for him to autograph our treasured copies of his book, "The Sacred Balance" and posed for quick photos {I looked awful but I just have to post it}. The most thrilling part of the evening however was having the opportunity to actually converse with David Suzuki as we mingled at the wine and cheese party which followed. Wow!
Today we are registered members of the David Suzuki Foundation and enjoy regular updates on environmental issues. Currently, the Suzuki Foundation is running The "Living Room Challenge" fundraiser! Choose from hosting a Green Spa Night , A Green Movie Night, or a Local Foods Potluck ! Even if you do not host a fundraiser these are great themes for social gathering!
What I most respect about Suzuki is his dedication to environment in a way that does not dismiss the importance of indigenous lifestyles. "The Sacred Balance" illustrates this understanding of indigenous culture and its fundamental connections with the natural world!

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