Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speakng of David Suzuki..."There's A Barnyard in My Bedroom" Book Review!

At the book store this past week we came across a new children's book by David Suzuki entitled "There's a Barnyard in my Bedroom" and we quickly scooped it up for our youngest daughter! It was written in 2008 and is actually divided into three stories which are separate but interconnected {hey, how environmental a philosophy}. The children in the book learn about the environment from everyday experiences with the help of their parents. The characters Megan and Jamie are lead through a nature adventure in their own home through which they come to understand that everything in their home ultimately is produced from elements of nature, they learn how the air around us connects all living things, and how the earth has changed and continues to change over time!

This book may be a bit daunting for the very young but a mature four year old and above should truly enjoy the wealth of knowledge these three tales impart. Our children were quite fascinated. As a bonus to parents and teachers who strive to enrich their children's learning and literary experiences, the book also includes an activities page!

David Suzuki has written and co-written many other children's books including "Salmon Forest", "You Are the Earth", and "Eco-Fun".

I do not leave links to online bookstores for books I review unless they are a rare item and found only through a specific store/publisher. I feel that a person's choice of bookstore can often be a reflection of their consumer ideals and do not wish to necessarily link you to a large corporate bookstore if you prefer the small town local book seller!

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  1. i'll have to check it out...
    i love David Suzuki.