Monday, April 20, 2009

Piggy Paint -- Review, Giveaway, and Discount!

"And this little Piggy... got a makeover!" Ah, the classic rhyme will never be the same! If your daughters are like mine, despite their love of "tom boyish" activities and rambunctious play they still adore painting their nails. I dislike nail polish fumes at the best of times but the most worrying thought is if the chemicals in the polish smell so horrible imagine how toxic they must be. Compare regular nail polish and Piggy Paint on a styrofoam plate. The regular polish eats right through the styrofoam. Why would we want our children to wear something so harmful? Especially when we are aware children tend to put their fingers in their mouths often so not only are they wearing toxic chemicals they are possibly ingesting them! Fear not, lovely little princesses don't have to give up the girlish delight of colourful nails because Piggy Paint is well...."as natural as mud" and comes in an array of kid approved colours! With colours like "Ice Cream Dream" and "Tea Party for Two" how can a girl go wrong? Piggy Paint colours are fun and vibrant and dry quickly. My girls noticed right away how quickly their nails dried and were very impressed! What I noticed was my house did not smell of toxic fumes and there was no need to run around the house opening windows to prevent the onset of a chemical induced headache. Piggy Paint is water-based and is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone. It's also hypo-allergenic! Grown up princesses can also benefit from such a fantastic product!
Piggy Paint also carries non-toxic Nail Polish Remover, safer for your children because it is free of acetone and other solvents! The remover is effective and Piggy Paint has added Vitamin E and aloe vera to keep your child's cuticles and delicate digits soft and healthy.
Piggy Paint was founded by a stay-at-home mom, Melanie, who like myself was fearful of the harmful effects of typical nail polish on her children. Children should not have to give up the fun, girlish activities that make them feel special and fancy! Girls should be able to enjoy being a girl and being princesses without the worry of exposing themselves to dangerous toxins!
Piggy Paint would like your daughters to be princesses without fear! They are offering all my readers a 20% Discount until June 1,2009! Just use the discount code: SPLASH20L when ordering! Shipping is free on orders over $25. I will add this code to my discounts list on my right sidebar!
One lucky reader will also have the chance to win a Mistle Toe Gift Set of Piggy Paint!

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