Monday, April 20, 2009

Proud of my Cub!!

I remember my cookie selling Brownie and Girl Guide says! I had a lot of fun in Girl Guides. There aren't any Brownie troops close to home but my son did decide to join Cubs this year. Wow! Did you know that now girls can join the Boy Scouts too?? We were not aware until after my son signed up so our girls have not joined but perhaps they will be considering it next year! This weekend was the big Kub Kar Rally. If you are not familiar with Cubs a Kub Kar is a car hand made out of a cetain sized block of wood. The cars are then run in different events and judged. This was my son's first year and though his design was not all that creative his car did very well in the events! It's amazing how creative some Cubs were in their designs and I'm excited to see what my son {and maybe even my daughters} come up with next year. Wish I could have been a Cub...
The cars are measured and weighed to make sure they meet the proper specifications!
Each car is registered! And then it's off to the track. They are judged on distance, speed, straightness, and design! How cool is that?!


  1. very cool! Cub Scouts is such a fun avenue for boys to learn and do "guy stuff" :0)

  2. How cool! I remember these races...both my boys were Cub Scouts and their races were called the Pine Wood Derby!