Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Endless week!!

It's been an endless week of pleasantries and despairs. I am exhausted both in body and soul! The weather has finally started to turn a corner so I was able to plant my garden this past week. We borrowed a friend's rototiller and hauled over a few loads of manure. Yes, one wonderful thing about living in the prairies there is no shortage of natural fertilizer. Our friends run a small organic beef farm which is wonderful for omnivores such as us. We know where the meat is coming from, how the cows are treated and what they are fed, and we reap the benefits of their waste! I am hopeful that our garden will provide us with a wealth of vegetables this year. With three children and the cost of groceries it will be economical as well as healthful.
The week has been filled to overflowing with kids soccer games, cub camp for my son, and my youngest daughter's birthday {she turned 5 Monday}! My husband as I have mentioned before has a very demanding occupation and has been working overtime almost every night. I once had pneumonia severely while living in the arctic and have had a weakness ever since to coughs. I came down with a nasty one last week which I am still wrestling and the cold nights sitting on the sidelines shivering as I cheer on my little soccer stars have not improved things. A week of coughing and running hither and yon, cold ruined dinners and sheer exhaustion. And did I mention, my now 5 year old daughter still refuses to go to bed at bedtime? Life can be so cruel!

Ah but I planted flowers today...things are certainly looking up and my parents are coming from Ontario to visit in two weeks...Breath :)

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful! How long is your growing season up there? Organic Beef...definitely something folks are looking into down here. We are giving raising meat chickens a go this year for the first time! We know exactly what goes into them and I like that too, like you :0)I've never been the same since I learned what happens to factory meat when they process it! :0)