Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kids Konserve Contest!

I have reviewed Kids Konserve in the past and remember your reader discount for Northern Mama is ending May 31st. But fear not Kids Konserve is offering a new 10% discount using the code: voice10 . Kids Konserve is also offering a lucky reader of their blog a Kids Konserve Summer Camp Kit. Just visit the Kids Konserve Blog and learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!
Did you realize that we are filling in the ocean with our wasteful habits? Our wastefulness is unfathomable! The Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated to be the size of Texas!! It is outrageous to think that what we consider a common daily act of tossing garbage into a trash can is what is essentially destroying us and our planet! This is why my family has become more and more conscious of what we toss. Reuse, reduce, and recycle have become the tenents of survival!
Help fight waste by using reuseable lunch and camp kits like those from Kids Konserve!

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