Friday, May 8, 2009

NEW Appliances from Frigidaire!!

Do you wish you had more time in the day? Time to relax {what's that?}, more quality time with your children and your spouse without spending the entire day on the daily grind of housekeeping, laundry, dishes and cooking? Well, Frigidaire knows this is what all of us could use: at least one extra hour in a day!

Frigidaire has found us that extra hour with their two NEW appliance collections. Frigidaire Professional and Frigidaire Gallery! Frigidaire Professional collection offers you professional efficiency with high-performance appliances featuring Frigidaire's trademarked PowerPlus features like boil and PowerPlus convection . This collection offers the combination of effective professional performance with professional strength and style!

The Frigidaire Gallery collection helps you manage your time with fast and easy express features! Save your time using the express-select controls. Quick preheat and boil, and one-touch effortless dry are just some of the many speedy, easy features these Frigidaire appliances can offer a family on the go like yours!

US residents have the opportunity to win Frigidaire appliances by participating in the Frigidaire 5 Things survey. Just visit the Frigidaire Homepage and share the 5 things you would do with an extra hour in your day! {Unfortunately I tried to register but couldn't as a Canadian. Sorry to all my Canadian readers}

Thanks to Momselect for the information!

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