Friday, May 8, 2009

I've Been Tagged with "10 Things You Were Dying To Know"!

Though I'm not sure how many people are really Dying to Know about little old me, Laura from Household Treasures has Tagged me!

1. What is your current obsession?
Besides the blog it would currently have to be planting and gardening! I love working in my garden and flowerbeds and while it's still a little early I've been planting in the house to prepare and breaking new ground to increase the size of my garden! This of course is a seasonal obsession...I have a problem because I usually am obsessed with too many things at once. My other seasonal obsession right now is organizing my house! I spent the last two days cleaning out and organizing my entire garden shed and the garage.

2) Which item of clothing do you wear most often?
That changed this week. It was my birthday Monday and my sister gave me this absolutely amazing purple shirt! Its stretchy soft fabric hugs me and is so figure flattering which makes me feel GREAT! It's such a rich, vibrant colour that I can't help feeling good in it.

3) What's for dinner?
Funnily enough tonight it's a frozen pizza for the kids...which never happens usually but my hubby is taking me out for dinner {which also rarely happens}. It's a belated birthday evening! My hubby works a lot and this is his first day off. Typically, I make dinner but like Laura my hubby does the cooking when he's home. Secretly I hate cooking much of the time!

4) What are you listening to?
The coffee maker gurgling and cartoons blaring! Ah, the peace of the morning:)

5) Say something about the one who tagged you:
Laura's blog is one of my new found faves! Laura has actually been fabulous to me. She has been a loyal follower {and I still have very few of those} and so supportive! She emails me whenever she has a mr. linky or other PR ideas. She makes me believe in the "sisterhood" of mommy bloggers and she is including me in her weekly interview feature which I am excited about. Thank you Laura for being so supportive, and welcoming!

6) Favorite vacation spot?
This is a difficult question to answer because I love vacations and could find something wonderful to say about each one! I have vacationed most in my own country, Canada. I've been to every province and territory minus the Yukon where we hope to possibly live someday. I actually loved our vacation last summer to Prince Albert National Park in northern Saskatchewan. The beach there was white sand and you could almost imagine yourself at some exotic resort but the ancestrial forests were pristinely beautiful and mystic! I love forest hikes! PEI {Prince Edward Island, Canada} is another favourite!

7) What are you reading right now?
I am currently reading two books {I have a tendancy to do this}. The first is a non-fiction entitled "Three Cups of Tea" about a former mountain climber who was inspired to build schools in the remote mountain communities of Pakistan. The second, is an interesting find, called "The Icarus Girl" written by a 25 year old!! Wow!! I imagine I will review it on my blog in the future.

8) Four words to describe yourself?
~HAPPY {when the sun shines :)}

9) Guilty pleasure?
Sleeping in!! I try to stay in bed in the morning as late as my children and day allows.

10) First Spring thing to do?
Planting fanatically!!

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  1. How neat would it be if you all ended up here in the Yukon one day! I will keep my fingers crossed for that!

  2. Aw, you're sweet! You've been around at this 'blog thing' longer than I have, so I feel like I am the one being welcomed!

    Have a wonderful Mothers Day!