Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quirky, Good Leisure Reads! -- Book Reviews

I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately and I am truly fascinated by the stories about the experiences of others but I have always loved getting lost in a good fiction! My latest read was one of those hap hazard know you are on an excursion to the grocery store and a table of books marked 25% off calls you to it! Have you ever had a book "come to you"? The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen was one of those books for me. The Sugar Queen is a book that finds magic in the everyday and makes magic seem ordinary!
Josey is the heroine, an overweight and secluded 27 year old who's secret is her closet full of candy. Josey's life is limited by her now mature southern belle mother's strict regime until she finds Della Lee Baker, a rough local waitress, hiding in her closet! Yes, this is a book full of quirky characters. The former ski bum with the bum leg turned mailman, the sandwich shop owner who is followed by books {it's true they find her and follow her}, and the old cab driver who must always keep promises. The woman in the closet opens a door for Josey; The door to the world of possibilities life has to offer. Della is like a spark which causes a wild fire of experiences Josey could before only dream of! I cannot tell you more for fear of spoiling this quaint tell for all of you!

I am a fan of unusual tales. Tales of original thought or bizarre reasoning! Think of this, the gods are immortal so what do you think would happen if the Greek gods lived amoung us today? According to Marie Phillips the 21st century would present hard times and great challenges for those decadent gods and the gods would...well be Behaving Badly! And that is precisely what most of them do from start to finish in the book "Gods Behaving Badly". Mythology comes to life with a vengance and a twist in this sexy, fast-paced, and quirky read. Aphrodite is a phone sex operator, Apollo a television psychic, and Artemis a dog walker! Their lives are falling apart as fewer people believe in them and to help they decide to hire a housekeeper. It is the ill-fated Alice who takes on this challenge and soon becomes the object of war between the gods. Alice's boyfriend becomes the unlikely hero, coached by Artemis, in a quest to save Alice and ultimately restore the gods to their original glory! This witty satirical romp is raw, yet somehow charming!

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