Monday, August 3, 2009

REPOST WITH REVISED GIVEAWAY~Mare ad Mare~ A Canadian Review and Giveaway!

THE GIVEAWAY ENTRY HAS BEEN REVISED AND THE CONTEST DEADLINE EXTENDED!! PLEASE TAKE ANOTHER PEEK! Your entry can include comments on Canadian Girl memories and experiences from your own childhood or from your daughters, or other little girls special to you. Photos are optional!!

Most of my giveaways have always been open to US and Canadian residents but this one will be a little different! A Canadian Giveaway {ex-patriots count} in honour of Canada Day July 1st!!

O Canada!... My husband and I are very proud Canadians! My husband serves his country every day as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and even prior to this we have always wanted to instill in our children with the same national pride we share. Canadians are not known for their national pride. Don't get me wrong...I think most Canadians truly love their country but we are a laid back people who are self-deprecating and humble. I think this is changing and I hope my children truly thrill at the sound of our national anthem and remember their travels and experiences across our great country with a full heart!

Our Home and Native Land...We've lived in two provinces and two territories, we've visited all the provinces and territories with the exception of the Yukon {where we hope to live one day}. We want our children to know their country, taste it through first hand experiences.

True Patriot Love... Canadians are special! We have a national identity which encompasses the values of acceptance, social well being, and a love of the natural world which our country personifies from city to prairie, mountain and tundra! We believe in politeness and humour! Our national identity embraces cultural diversity and ultimately the love of peace! But there is something truly free, pure, and adventurous about the heart and soul of a Canadian girl! Whether surrounded by a sea of open prairie fields or Rocky mountain peaks; skipping the shores of "The Rock" or inhaling the ocean breezes off the Atlantic or the Pacific; whether sifting the red earth of PEI through her fingers or plucking fresh, fat tundra blueberries in Canada's north; applauding a play in a Toronto theater or a cowboy at Calgary's stampede; ou célébrer Bonhomme Carnaval dans la ville de Québec, being a Canadian girl is the embodiment of loving and embracing life...a joie de vive! The Canadian girl knows the glories of her country through play; through touch, sight, sound, and taste!

Ian founder of Mare ad Mare believes in the unique experience of Canadian girls! Mare ad Mare means "sea to sea" and he and his family have created the Mare ad Mare t-shirt collection to keep the memories of Canada alive in Canadian girls living from sea to sea and all over the world. As an ex patriot having lived and raised his family in the US and Germany it was important for him that his daughters remain connected to their country. Mare ad Mare t-shirts are for every girl! They celebrate Canada but also spread the Canadian identity and message of joie de vive through all seasons to the rest of the world, lending a voice to the Canadian experience. With logos such as " It's not Always Cold in Canada...but it is Today", "Jump In", "Pass the Marshmallows", and "Spring...Finally" Mare ad Mare has somehow capsulized the Canadian seasons and good ole' fashioned Canadian fun! And Mare ad Mare has not forgotten that we are a Bilingual country with French and English as our two official languages! Mare ad Mare also has created the "Donnez-moi un petit baisser!" for French Canadian girls or any girl who wants "a little kiss" of Canada!

The Mare ad Mare Blog is currently running a fabulous t-shirt giveaway for Canadians all over the world and they are also generously giving away a Mare ad Mare t-shirt to a Canadian reader here at Northern Mama!

Mare ad Mare is looking for video clips, photos, and stories showing what other Canadian girls do for fun whether in Canada or around the world!

To enter the Northern Mama giveaway send me a photo of your girl or girls having fun {daughter(s) or another special little girl in your life}:
{I will not be passing on names or information about you or your family members--photos only!}
Mare ad Mare may request to post the winner's photo on their blog and I would love to post the winner's photo here {again only with the winner's permission and without names}!!

OR Just leave a comment about your Canadian Girl experiences {either from your childhood or the expereinces of your daughter or another special little girl in your life}!!

Extra Entries:

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  • Tell me a little story about you of your daughter having "Canadian Fun"!

This Giveaway open to all Canadians at home or abroad!! Giveaway will extend until August 17th 12:00 am CT {this will give you time to collect and send great summer shots and I will then be back from my July camping trip to pick the winner} See General Giveaway Rules for further details!

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  1. Since I have no daughters I can share a story about my childhood!

    I come from a family of hunters... very fitting since our last name is Hunter! My mother was an avid hunter as well as my father. Usually though, it was my father and I who would head out to shoot my deer or moose for the season. However, one year when I was 17 (my last year living at home) I had a limited entry draw for a deer late in the season. My father was out of town, so my mother and I headed out deer hunting. My mother and I rarely got along- the usual teenage girl versus her mother. But that night we had a wonderful time driving around the farm fields and bush looking for a deer. Late in the evening I shot one and we dressed it out and hauled it home. It was a wonderful bonding experience between my mother and I. It also shows that Canadian Girls can do anything!