Thursday, July 16, 2009

Martha doesn't say sorry! ~ Book Review

I am--as I'm sure most mothers are--very vigilant about teaching my children not only politeness but also important character building skills. I want my children to become adults with integrity so when I come across a children's book which is both values based and a book my children will enjoy I know I've stumbled upon a gem! Samantha Berger's book Martha doesn't say sorry! is certainly one of those gems. My youngest daughter, Bronwynn, just turned five and I will admit she is exerting her individualism and independence sometimes in less than favourable ways. Bronwynn does say sorry of her own accord quite frequently but there are times when apologizing does not come so easily. Martha proves this point in this deliciously illustrated and delightfully written story.
"There are many things Martha does, but apologizing isn't one of them."
...until Martha comes to the realization that there are consequences for not apologizing and saying sorry is not so bad at all and can have remarkable results! This book was humorous and heartfelt. My daughter laughed at the lighthearted humour and the comical illustrations. This book truly appealed to her sense of right and wrong and Bronwynn even commented as I closed the book on the importance of saying sorry and remarked, "Martha really should say sorry when she does things she shouldn' wasn't so bad and she made everyone feel better...even herself!"...ahhh music to a mother's ears!
Thank you Alice Morley at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for giving me the opportunity to review this lovely book!

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  1. This book looks wonderful. I love the artwork, and I have a few daughters ages 2 and 3 that would love to hear how Martha learns to say sorry. :0) They are learning the importance of character building too. Great artwork and a loveable story/character really help impress little folks.