Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrap-ti Review and Discount!

My mother was talking to a friend several months ago about her daughter teasing her for collecting up the gift bags from an occasion to save and reuse. She was telling her mother she was being silly as gift bags are cheap to purchase anyway! I was taken completely by surprise and my mother and I had to laugh because we have passed the same gift bags back and forth numerous times. I am amazed that anyone would throw out a perfectly good gift bag because it had already been used...ONCE. As I have commented in the past, we as North Americans have become a disposable culture but if we were to take a page from other cultures we may just discover more eco-friendly and less wasteful practices.

Admittedly, paper gift bags--though far more eco-friendly than wrapping paper which becomes ripped, torn, and wrinkled--eventually do tear or become horribly disfigured after being reused several times and need to be relegated to the garbage or recycling. Wrap-ti provides a solution to our environmentally conscious gift wrapping issues! Founder of Planetfinds and Wrap-ti, Akemi, has taken an idea from Japanese tradition and created an elegant and eco-friendly alternative to paper wrapping. In Akemi's native Japan wrapping gifts intricately in elegant silk fabrics has been a tradition but one which often was very tedious and complicated. Akemi decided to simplify the process and invented special ti-bands to make it easier for anyone to create fabulous fabric wrapped gifts!

I received a lovely set from the Elegant Collection in jade/lime. The set came with the two-toned fabric, two different gold tasseled ti-bands, and instructions for creating various wrap designs. Everything came in organza bags which could also be reused for gifts. I found the instructions easy to follow and the ti-bands made it simple. The results were quite lovely!
You can also visit the Wrap-ti website for other design ideas or create your own! Wrap-ti's Zoo Collection looks like a truly fun and unique way to wrap children's gifts. This wrap-ti collection includes vibrantly coloured cotton fabrics and ribbons with instructions to create wrapped gifts resembling various animals!

Akemi has offered Northern Mama readers a 15% discount at Furoshiki until September 30, 2009. Just use the discount code PLTF1517 at the checkout. You will also receive free standard shipping for all Wrap-ti prchases of $30 or more!

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