Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okay, if any of you have received a desparate email from me asking you to send money because I lost my wallet in some overseas locale....IT'S NOT ME!!

Yes, I was on a little camping holiday and someone chose that opportunity to hijack my email! I'm guessing someone read my blog about being away because it seems highly coincidental otherwise! Either way no emails are getting through to my account even after changing my password. I will be changing my email address and have contacted Yahoo about the situation but am still waiting for a response. Not only is this criminal sending emails using my address but they also emptied my entire inbox, my sent mail, and my contacts list!! Let me just say I am truly at my wits end!

I will let you know my new email address once I have it created and I pray no one messes with me again! I must apologize if you have tried emailing and I did not receive your email!


  1. No way!! I have heard of that scam before, pretty scary stuff.

  2. Oh NO!
    I feel so terrible for you!
    I just can't imagine....
    sending lots & LOTS of hugs.