Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Great Films from The National Film Board of Canada

As a former resident of Canada's Arctic I am always looking for great Arctic films and films related to such interests. I subscribe to the National Film Board of Canada newsletter via email and included in their most recent email was a film entitled: Finding Farley {link to trailer!} .
I think most Canadians will be well aware of which "Farley" they are referring to--Canada's greatest environmental and "all-things-Canadian" storyteller, Farley Mowat!

I grew up on the tales of Farley Mowat! My mother is a true admirer of his humourous and exaggerated writings and I easily slipped into this same admiration. After moving to the Arctic I became most enamored by his works about the Canadian Arctic its animals and its people. If you haven't already read such works as: Never Cry Wolf, The Snow Walker, People of the Deer, and Walking on the Land--just to name a few of his arctic titles--I invite you to pick-up one very soon! I was thrilled when my son read Owls in the Family in his third grade class last year and I hope to introduce him to Lost in the Barrens, and Two Against the North shortly. I don't believe any Canadian should go a lifetime without reading at least one Farley Mowat story cover to cover {and if you are not Canadian reading Farley Mowat may give you some new insights into our quirky Canadian culture}!

Finding Farley's creators, Leanne Allison and Karsten Heuer, take delving into Farley Mowat's life work a little more seriously by travelling accross Canada by canoe from their west coast home to Mowat's east coast sanctuary!
Here's the film board announcement:

The World Premiere of Finding Farley at the Vancouver International Film Festival
Finding Farley follows Leanne Allison and Karsten Heuer's (Being Caribou) journey from Calgary to Cape Breton to retrace Farley Mowat's literary footsteps from Owls in the Family to People of the Deer. The film will have its world premiere at the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).
VIFF runs from October 1–16. For more information, visit the festival's website or our VIFF festival page.
Perhaps it was this letter from Farley Mowat himself that provoked this wild endeavour....the journey accross Canada in a canoe with their two year old!!
Leanne Allison and Karsten Heuer had just created the film Being Caribou {also a fabulous film enticing one to be this one of the north's most significant animals}. To see Farley's letter and learn more about Leanne and Karsten's journey visit: Finding Farley {their website}

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