Saturday, November 14, 2009

2dy4 and the Tenth Twilight Grab Bag Reveal!

I am admittedly a vintage girl! Though I am not one of those people who is an obvious vintage queen in my everyday attire I lost my heart to vintage years ago! The sparkle of jewels and gems, the delicate loveliness of lace, the richness of quality fabrics and the softness of silk ribbon are alluring, romantic and tell a tale of women that came before us. Old movies, vintage baubles and fabrics, and a fascination with history--that's me! That may also describe 2dy4.

Dyanne of 2dy4 hand-picks pieces from the past to create revamped vintage delights. Her love of luscious elements of creation--Czech, German or Swarovski glass crystals, sparkly rhinestones, French ribbons, millinery flowers, keys & watch parts--translates into romantic beauty. The eternity and age of vampires are reminiscent of times gone by, of forgotten elegance, and 2dy4 takes on the modern love of vampires by creating pieces made for the Twi-fan as well!
Soldered glass pendant necklaces {$18.00US} are fabricated by 2dy4 with phrases Twilight Saga fans will relate to: imprinted, Edward prefers cougars, love bites 11.20.09, and the one a lucky Northern Mama Twilight Grab Bag winner will receive: My Other Husband is a Vampire {Will your husband be jealous? He probably is already if your a die hard Twilight follower}! Looking for Twilight inspired or vintage frippery to adorn yourself or a friend? Visit 2dy4 or the 2dy4 Facebook page or follow on Twitter @2dy4 to learn about specials and promotions!

But don't forget to enter the Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway for a chance to win, among other things, the "My Other Husband is a Vampire" Soldered Glass Pendant Necklace!
Click HERE to Enter!

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