Saturday, November 14, 2009

TwiMom Obsession with a bite! ~ Twilight Grab Bag Reveal #9!

Are you a TwiMom or TwiGirl? Perhaps you're even a TwiGuy? You know that somewhere deep down the beauty and allure of a Cullen resides in you! twiMom knows this too. She knows the obsession Twilight fans have with the beauty and perfection of the Cullen family. Don't we all wish on occasion we could be the epitome of physical perfection--vampire or not? Perhaps we just want to live the Twilight fantasy for a brief moment of time--amber eyes, alabaster skin, and flawlessness.
twiMom will be giving one Northern Mama Twilight Grab Bag winner the exciting opportunity to unleash the Cullen within! twiMom will be offering a Cullen-ize Me Twilight Vampire Photo Manipulation {$10.00US} to the lucky Northern Mama reader. Live the fantasy, become a Cullen if only for a snapshot in time! This is a completely digital transformation.

RaShell of twiMom is a professional graphic designer with over a decade of experience and with a true Twilight obsession. How does she deal with this supernatural obsession? She helps others transform their obsession into a unique and special tangible keepsake! Send twiMom a hi-resolution photo of yourself or any other Twilight Fan in your life and receive an one of a kind, re-VAMPed portrait. Join the Cullen family, look like and Cullen don't just drive like one! All you need is the bite of twiMom to morph into the vampire you are in your dreams! {Sorry, Edward's not included}.

Find Twilight inspired prints, painted rocks and other original art, as well as stickers and Twilight party planning packages at twiMom and share in the obsession! Or share this fetish with your Twilight infatuated friends by giving them the unique gift of becoming Cullen-ized with a Cullen-ize My Friend Gift Certificate...what a wonderful idea for a stocking stuffer this Christmas!

Become Cullen-ized Enter to win the Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway by Clicking HERE!

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