Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blue's Creative Outlet ~ A Twilight Grab Bag Reveal you don't want to miss! #8

Twilight Saga fans know New Moon opens soon! And to celebrate the passion Twilight followers are exuding in anticipation for this exciting event Bluembrownlee is currently offering {for a limited time} 20% off all orders {just mention NEW MOON in the "notes to seller" when you checkout}. Bluembrownlee is an oasis of splendor for the Twilight obsessed...yes, that probably includes you if you are reading this now! Unique and trendy jewelry Bluembrownlee designs include such nature inspired materials as butterfly wings and peacock feathers--natural materials with rich, vibrant, and "supernatural" colour!
Colour and glow are the lyrics which can be used to describe the eye-catching pieces Mary of Bluembrownlee fabricates! The ring she is offering to one Northern Mama Grab Bag winner is no exception. Rich, red colour with the sparkle and glow of Swarovski crystal this Edward's Heart ring {$15.00US} is a representation of the un-dying love and passion Edward bears for Bella! The deep colour will stir within any Twilight Saga fan the same fiery emotions stirred by the Twilight novels. Carefully wire-wrapped using sterling silver wire the center boasts a blood-red genuine, high0quality Swarovski crystal heart. Exuberant, and ardent wearable art which will always make a statement--that's Bluembrownlee!

Don't miss the Bluembrownlee sale and be sure to stock up on your Twilight treasures!
Coveting this ring? Slip it on your finger by being one of the Northern mama Twilight Giveaway winners...but you can't win if you don't enter!
To Enter Click HERE!

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