Friday, November 6, 2009

Carolina Pad Celebrates the 13th Birthday of Ghostline ~13 lucky Classrooms Will Win!

Who says 13 is an unlucky number? Carolina Pad and Ghostline is taking that superstitious number and turning it lucky in November! Lucky for 13 classrooms! Launched November 1st and running the entire month 13 classrooms will win over $500 in Ghostline products.

What are Ghostline products? An educator myself I know teachers are always looking for little ways to make their work life easier and often that means using great products and supplies. Carolina Pad created Ghostline with teachers and students in mind. Have you ever attempted to create charts for your classroom or even for your children at home and had to pull out the old ruler and start tediously measuring to create neat lines and squares? Has one of your children had to complete a science fair project for school but can't seem to glue their photos and information on straight? Or perhaps you want to personalize a map or poster with text but can't print it straight without first adding lines which you then have to go back and erase.

Ghostline puts an end to all these frustrations and makes it easy to create neat, straight and to- scale projects with their "ghostly" pre-printed lines. These lines are easy to use as guides for creating but are so light that they fade into the background of any completed project.

To show you how teachers, parents, and students can use Ghostline products I took some of the products I received and put them to the test! As a parent I want to teach my children responsibility and often implement chore and reward charts. Ghostline made it easy for me to create a tidy chore chart without the need for measuring and rulers. I just use the pre-printed squares as spaces for my children to apply the stickers!
I am a bit of a sketch artist and remember in school being taught how to draw to scale and use proportion through an art project in which one took a photograph and applied a grid. The student then had to draw a faint grid on their sketch paper before drawing by sketching what they saw in each square of the grid. Sound time consuming and meticulous and frustrating? It was definitely time consuming and required a lot of measuring and straight lines. I tried using Ghostline to work on such a art project and found it was a great alternative! Perhaps Carolina Pad will use Ghostline technology to create a sketchbook!
My son is in Cubs {boy scouts} and is always working on adding another badge to his collection but like school often projects and research are involved. As part of a World Wildlife badge Gabriel had to research and create a display on an Endangered Species or a Species at Risk. He chose the Polar Bear {of course} which is a Species at Risk we at Northern Mama are most familiar with. My son is computer savvy and printed out his work but still needed to attach it to a display board neatly and accurately. Ghostline Display boards make even a child's project look professional! The lines make it easy to space information and keep it straight!
From posters and maps, to charts and projects Ghostline has products that are valuable to teachers, students, and even parents especially those who home school! Foam display boards {in black or white}, project boards, poster board and poster kits--which even include stencils and a variety of poster board colours--are all available Ghostline products.
Win $500 of Ghostline products for your classroom by entering the Ghostline 13th Birthday Contest and make 13 your lucky number today! Just tell Carolina Pad how you think Ghostline supplies would make you life easier or that of your students. Even homeschoolers may enter!
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