Friday, November 6, 2009

The Children's Defense Fund Stroller Brigade ~ Fighting for Children's Health Coverage in the US

As the "Socialist" Canadian that I had no qualms about agreeing to write in defense of health care. In Canada, though we are known complainers, we are lucky enough to have a public health care system! Though there are naysayers I am thankful we provide free health care for as many as we do and it is an aspect of Canadian policy which is a source of great pride and relief for so many here in Canada.

We in Canada are aware that the U.S. system operates very differently from our own in many ways. I for one am thankful that I have never had to pay for health care {outside of my government taxes}. I have never had to worry about losing my financial well-being because I chose my child's health. For many in the United states this can be the stark reality and when it comes to our children we want to know they will receive care even without a cheque....their lives are far more valuable than this!

The Children's Defense Fund Stroller Brigade is moving THIS week to spread the word about the importance of health coverage for all children in the U.S. Information can be found here the Children's Defense Stroller Brigade website.

What They Are Demanding: Congress and the President must support changes that provide comprehensive, affordable, accessible care for all children no matter where they live. Changes must build on what works in the system and fix what doesn’t work for children now.

You can help by participating on Facebook, Twitter, and by joining a Stroller Brigade near you!

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  2. healthcare for all in the US is a very noble thing to support

  3. Wonderful of you to participate in this :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I'm gonna have to check that site out!