Monday, November 16, 2009

Karolija ~ Approaching the end of our Twilight Reveals!

Fall has for centuries been a time of celebration--harvest, a New Moon! This November 20th, Twilight Saga fans however will also be celebrating the New Moon--the opening of New Moon the movie. Karolija, a mother and two daughter business, knows New Moon fans are eager to emulate the styles of their favourite Twilight series characters.

Twilight fans want authentic, functional fashion pieces that reflect their love of New Moon in style! Nothing could be more style worthy and functional to add to your fall and winter "Twilight" wardrobe than a pair of hand knit mittens inspired by Twilight personalities! Karolija is run by a family full of talented artists and artisans. Brothers who create animated films and a father who creates fabulous photography, creativity runs in the family. Karolija offers customers knit hats and mittens, including the beautiful cable knit gray mittens everyone became smitten with after Bella wore them in the movie. They also create jewelry, and original works of art. What they are offering one Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway winner is a pair of Twilight Saga Alice Cullen Fingerless Mittens/Arm Warmers {$17.00} from the New Moon movie. Karolija is based in Lithuania but has very reasonable international shipping rates. They are also willing to make custom orders. The tradition and funky style of knit wear never goes out of fashion and Twilight has renewed the love for the warmth and natural nature of hand knit treasures once more! You will be smitten with mittens!
You cannot feel the comfort of these mittens however if you do not enter the Northern Mama Giveaway! Click HERE to Enter!

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