Sunday, November 15, 2009

Island Girlz Jewelry ~ Twilight Grab Bag Reveal #14

Designing with a conscience, Island Girlz Jewelry takes the everyday and makes it original and fashionable! The old adage "one person's junk is another person's treasure" holds true meaning to businesses like Island Girlz Jewelry, businesses whose art honours the environment as well as creativity. Recycle and reuse are now artistic tenets and are responsible for the metamorphosis of cigar boxes to purses, and steel washers into charms! Marlene of Island Girlz Jewlry saves trifles from landfills by transforming them into adorable trinkets!

You can find Island Girlz on Etsy but she is also new to Facebook so to build her fan base she is offering those who become fans a special 10% discount off of their first order and a free gift. Just use the code: welcometotheisle2009 in a message during checkout.

Island Girlz Jewelry has generously offered two items to add to Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway Grab Bags! Island Girlz Jewelry does not want you to settle for the same Twilight accessories everyone else has purchased at the local department store. For the TEAM EDWARD crew Marlene is giving away an Edward Cullen Twilight Key chain/Backpack Clip in a coordinating Twilight gift tin {perfect for the holidays} {$12.95US}!

But wait, because Marlene of Island Girlz is herself a Jacob fan she is also including a Keepsake Box featuring Jacob {$29.95US} for the TEAM JACOB pack! Created from a Revamped Cigar Box and adorn with beautiful clasps and fastenings this will make the perfect place to store your new Twilight treasures which will be numerous if you win the Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway with its Grab Bags full of Twilight delights!

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