Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stocking Mama ~ Twilight Grab Bag Item Reveal #13

We all know Christmas is nipping at our heels! Cool temperatures, the pinch of Christmas shopping, holiday sales, and of course time to drag out those holiday decorations. I absolutely love Christmas! I love to decorate and be filled with the glow and warmth of anticipation.

Stocking Mama must feel the same because she prepares for Christmas all year round creating the stockings that become filled not only with surprise gifts but treasured memories. I still have my stocking from my childhood. Though it now sports a gaping hole in the toe and I no longer use it for gifts I cannot seem to part with it. Stocking Mama has been making stockings for the past 6 years and I am sure she hopes her stockings stand the test of time in the same way mine did!
Stockings are fun! I like to think they represent the personalities and interests of people they hold gifts for. And I'm sure a Twilight inspired stocking could easily represent a lot of you! Stocking Mama knows what people want and is offering one Northern Mama Grab Bag winner a Mini-Twilight Stocking. So prepare for the "Twilight Before Christmas" with this sweet apple adorned mini-stocking holiday ornament!

And be sure to have a peek at Stocking Mama and the Stocking Mama Blog to discover other themed stocking designs including popular characters as Hannah Montana and Pokeman!
Of course you cannot win this and other grab bag items without entering the Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway. Click HERE to Enter!

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