Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twilight Halloween Giveaway Update!

I had a follower email me because she was a little confused by my "reverse promotion", so to speak, of this giveaway. I thought I would post to clear up the confusion because I'm sure there may be other followers wondering how this works.

I am hosting a Twilight Giveaway featuring two winners: The first winner will receive the Twilight Saga Box Set and Grab Bag of Twilight goodies and the second winner will receive a Twilight inspired Grab Bag of goodies!

The Twilight items--and the wonderful businesses that create them--which I am featuring in the Twilight Reveals are items that you may find in your grab bag if you win! The items featured are being divided between the two "Grab Bag" winners. I will list them again when the winners are announced so the winners will know which items to expect to receive. To view all the featured Grab Bag items view them under the title "Twilight grab bag items" under Labels {right sidebar} or click Review & Giveaways on the navigation bar.

I hope you enjoy this little "surprise" promotion. I thought it would be fun to reveal the grab bag items bit by bit to add tot he excitement and suspense and to give each business their own little plug!

Because I have 24 businesses signed on for this promotion I would like to extend the giveaway one more day to make sure I have time to feature all the companies before the end of the contest! Please be advised that the Twilight Giveaway now closes November 17th, 2009!!

Good Luck to all the Entries!

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