Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cleaning!! Cleaning!! Cleaning!!

I've spent the day shuffling through closets, cleaning floors with my latest green cleaning supplies, and peeking in corners to find the most horrendous and horrific sights! Is it just my children who have reverted in their cleanliness maturity? I remember my sweet little two and three year old toddlers rushing to place their trash in the garbage can. Now that they are old enough to truly understand the importance of a garbage can, I find snack wrappers in the oddest places--stuffed into pillowcases, kicked under beds, or just scattered in the center of the living room floor!

My kids are the masters of all mess makers!! As I diligently spend hours cleaning one part of the house they diligently occupy themselves in utterly demolishing every other room in our home. Sometimes I feel I require not just any cleaning supply but the strength of an industrial cleaning supply! Maybe I should convert a room in my home into a janitorial cleaning supplies closet to fill my daily requirements...filled with eco-friendly supplies of course!

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1 comment:

  1. My cleaning will be this weekend and I am so not into it! Windex take me away! Ha!
    Carla from California