Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Necessary Renos!

Our dog's nervous nature has cost us more than a few pennies over the years! From chewed up kamiks {Caribou boots from our time in the arctic} to broken door screens we've had to do the odd repairs and replacement of damaged goods but probably one of the craziest has been the broken window and our ravaged back door. Last year while I was away for the evening someone in our neighbourhood decided to set off some unexpected celebratory fireworks. You have to understand our dog's uncontrollable fear of such noises to realize the severity of the ramifications of these ill-timed festivities! I returned to blood and glass. My dog was fine--a few superficial cuts on her front paws--but I could not say the same for the outside pane of our triple paned windows.

We have put off the window replacement far too long but in order to qualify for the renovation tax breaks Harper implemented as part of Canada's economic recovery plan and because we will be putting our house on the market in the spring it was high time! $350 later we are now looking at the mess our dog also made of our back door. She has torn the vinyl siding around the door not to mention ripped the flashing off the outside door jam.

Some of you will ask why do you put up with a dog so destructive and temperamental? After 12 years despite all the insanity Aleutia has caused I love that giant fuzzy old lady...she kind of grows on you I guess you could say! While I love home remodeling I would prefer improvements to repairs but I wouldn't trade Aleutia for any of it!
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  1. She's very beautiful. :) (even if she's a tad destructive, holy smokes on the broken window!)