Monday, January 4, 2010

Rid Outerspace of Alien Criminals ~ Lego Space Police

Space Police all points bulletin: Frenzy is on the loose and after the gold bars being transported in the Space Police XL SpaceFreighter. Use the quad freeze ray cannons to hold him at bay or capture him if you can.

My favourite toy is Lego! Don't get me wrong, my children love Lego too, but I am and have been since childhood one of Lego's biggest fans. Yes, I'm a grown woman who jumps for joy along side my son when he tears open a fresh, new box of Lego! It's the puzzler/builder part of me that craves piecing things together which Lego truly appeals to but more than that Lego has provided my son and I with a special bond. Gabriel knows when he opens that next package of Lego who to call to the table; He knows mom will be as eager as he to create something exciting from these classic plastic blocks which have proven timeless!

Lego is a great toy for family bonding and develops skills children will find valuable in their adult lives. Following directions through schematic instructions, perseverance, problem solving, creativity, basic engineering, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills can all be enhanced and developed just by playing with Lego! Over the years Lego has expanded its reach by creating Lego sets based on adventurous and exciting new themes which tantalize the a child's--and adults--sense of imagination. From Pirates and Castles to Cities and popular movie characters Lego offers adventures in miniature which appeal to the child in us all.

One of Lego's most recent themes Space Police has become very popular in this house since Lego sent the Space Police Gold Heist Set for us to review. My son and I have been thrilled with the City Lego and specifically the City Police sets {for obvious reasons}. But my son absolutely loves the sci-fi twist Lego Space Police takes and I have to admit the space police vehicles are truly awesome! Imagine, the Police in Space arresting marauding alien criminals after hyperspeed chases in high tech space crafts!! Space Police Gold Heist is rated ages 7-14 {though of course in my opinion ages 7 and up would be more accurate}. The set presented my 9 year old son with a reasonable challenge without being overly challenging and difficult {even with a broken collar bone and his arm in a sling}. A great set for the average grade school child with Lego building experience.
My son and I were so impressed by the cool movable parts and out-of-this-world characters that low and behold Gabriel received from myself and my husband the Lego Space Police Hyperspeed Pursuit which in my son's words is, "even more amazingly cool!" My son is currently displaying his finished Space Police Lego on his bookshelf and I think this means it's now time for another set to add to his expanding Space Police Collection. Yikes! Yes, Lego can be pricey but the fabulous thing about Lego is you can rebuild, recreate, and creatively play with Lego for years and years to come! To me and my family Lego is worth every penny.

And you'll never guess what my 6 and 8 year old daughters are now asking for....perhaps Lego is in our genes!

Look for more Lego reviews this year here at Northern Mama!

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  1. I love me some legos. My niece got a Indiana Jones set for Christmas and I so wanted her to open them. Her dad said no. Something about the impossibility of repacking all those blocks. Boo!

  2. We love legos in this house! My husband still has legos from when he was a kid.