Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soak It Up! ~ Spongebob Season 6 , Volume 1

What is it about SpongeBob which makes him so endearing to adults and children alike? I'd like to think it's his naive nature and happy go lucky attitude. His naivity and playful humour definitely provokes fits of laughter, smirks and giggles! In all honesty when SpongeBob first entered the animated arena I thought: a sponge, living in a place called Bikini Bottom, working at Krusty Krab sounded like some adult cartoon about a one night stand gone terribly wrong. It was not a show I expected to allow my children to watch! But my first chance to view this bright- eyed optimistic Spongy character soaking up life's seemingly mundane experiences with gusto and excitment, I realized Nickelodeon had an iconic hit on their hands!

SpongeBob has been a favourite in our household for years now. My Zany and spirited middle child insisted on a SpongeBob themed birthday party one year and I wish I had hada SpongeBob Season on DVD then like I do now! Yes, I received SpongeBob Season 6, Volume 1 for review--two Discs brimming with 24 goofy, giggle raising episodes! SpongeBob Season 6, Volume 1 also includes Special Features such as The SpongeBob History Song and 7 shorts.

My son was eager to share with my reading audience his favourite episodes! From Disc 1 "Spongicus"--obviously a take on the historical classic Sparticus--finds Patrick chased by a man-eating lion-fish. It is the harrowing drama of ancient Rome...or is it Chum Bucket? Regardless, SpongeBob a.k.a. Spongicus saves the periled Patrick by throwing a garland of sausages to tame the savage beast! The Coloseum will never be the same!

The favourite from Disc 2 would have to be "The Slumber Party". Mr. Krab's daughter Pearl is, like any daughter, eager to escape daddy's watchful eye to enjoy time with her friends. Pearl plans a slumber party but begs her dad to leave the house so as not to ruin the slumber party fun. Like any father Mr. Krabs cannot bear to steer clear and sends in Spongebob to be his eyes and hears--well, essentially to spy and crash the party of course. Does Mr. Krabs' trust in SpongeBob pay off or will he be locked in the basement indefinitely amid barrels of pop? Find out by watching this episode and other great SpongeBob favourites which I can guarantee will be played again and again in running succession if your household holds even a single SpongeBob fan!

So soak it up today by purchasing this fabulous Season 6, volume one box set for the Squarepants connisseur in your life!

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