Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disney's Air Bud Golden Receiver ~ DVD Review

The timeless story of a boy and his dog! What more could one want in a movie? Maybe a little adolescent angst, a few circus freak “antagonists”, and of course a dog whose sports ability equals that of the best professional athletes. Sure you knew Buddy “Air Bud” could shoot hoops but can he handle a football without fumbling? Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment presents Air Bud Golden Receiver Special Edition.

Air Bud Golden Receiver was a hit with my three little buddies, but then I admit any movie featuring adorable fur bearing friends. Watching this fabulous family flick I am reminded of the good natured, light hearted, humour filled Disney movies of my youth. To enjoy the tradition of shared family warmth and laughter through a Disney viewing experience is what Air Bud Golden Receiver is all about! My son related to the teenage owners’ boyhood bumblings, my eldest daughter giggled at all the hilarity--she’s the devilish character of the family--and my youngest daughter she had an affinity to the endearing animals!

When Buddy’s boy--played by Kevin Zegers a young man from my home town in Ontario-- becomes the new school quarterback he’s reluctant but soon Buddy’s athletic adeptness kicks in and the team welcomes a new golden receiver as part of the bargain. Will a Russian Circus duo searching for the perfect amazing animal act capture Air Bud and ruin both the State Championships and Buddy’s family? If Buddy’s friends and family have their way no one will stop him from helping the Timberwolves to victory!

This special edition DVD includes the exclusive bonus feature of the Buddies Sports Channel--play-by-play action with the adorable golden pups you’ve loved in their own feature films--and a fabulous sports whistle your kids will love. Uproarious furry football action just in time for the Superbowl! Released today find it in stores or purchase online!

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Directed By: Mike Southon; Richard Martin
Original Release Date: 2/2/10
Written By: Aaron Mendelsohn; Pat Tamasy
Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes
MPAA: G. Bonus material not rated.

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