Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Picture Gift Bags Review and Gift Code

I received this personalized medium gift bag for free to review on Northern Mama from Horizon Marketing!

The picture on the bag is a summer photo of my two boys at the beach. This is a special memory for me of a family vacation at Port Maitland Beach in Nova Scotia. My boys were enjoying the hot summer day at the beach and had discovered fun with each other while burying themselves almost completely with sand. Now I can share this picture (memory) with family in a unique and special way; giving them a gift inside this beautiful, reusable, paper gift bag!

I was very impressed with the quality of this bag. The picture quality is awesome and the bag seems to be able to hold a fair amount of weight. As the bottom of the bag is not solid I wondered if the bag could hold any weight inside it, or would it only be good to hold light items? So, I put a dictionary in the bag to see if it would fall out and it DIDN'T!

These personalized bags are great for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, weddings, a new baby. The possibilities are endless at Picturegiftmart.com, where you can create your own bag in 4 different sizes, with numerous templates and possible design combinations.

And now for a limited time All of you lucky AMERICAN Northern Mama readers can try out a medium sized personal gift bag for free as well! All you need to do is visit Picturegiftmart.com and create an account, then create your own Medium size bag. Just use the special code (FREE11PCGM) at the checkout and you will only be charged the shipping on this bag!

When I checked out their web site I was excited to find that their were many other photo gifting products; cards, calenders, photo books, prints, and many other photo gifts including novelty and special occasion items. So be sure to check them out and get your free Medium bag!

Sorry this Free Bag Code is for American Residents only

Review By Nikki

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