Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Diego Go!: Lion Cub Rescue ~ Interactive Adventure and Fun for Young Viewers!

It is amazing how seriously many children take their television viewing! Yes, children know what they like and what they don’t. They are critical and critique the shows available to them with surprising adeptness. My 5 year old daughter Bronwynn knows what she likes and she had high praise for Nick Junior’s Go Diego Go!: Lion Cub Rescue DVD featuring four exciting Diego adventures: "Welcome Home, Lion Cub", "Diego’s Ringed Seal Rescue", "Diego Reunites Hippo and Oxpecker", "Diego’s Orangutan Rescue", available on shelves January 26th!

Thanks to Nick Junior for this free review DVD! Bronwynn loves the Go Diego Go! Focus on animals--in particular more and more exotic animals--and the interactive quality has always been a hit with my children. What child does not want their opinions heard, does not want to participate in their viewing rather than sit back in a vegetative state? I love the interactive quality because of its educational focus but I also am thrilled by the emphasis on adventure and travel. We are a family with an adventurous spirit and having lived in the Canadian arctic "Diego’s Ringed Seal Rescue"’s arctic setting strikes a chord! From Africa to the Arctic, themes of environmental consciousness and animal conservation promote to children a healthy sense of care and responsibility for the world around them.

Travel to Africa in “Welcome Home, Lion Cub” where Baby jaguar is not the only little cat! Meet Lion Cub and learn about a lion pride and wildlife reserves. Rescue a lion cub from a hunter’s trap, save another dangling perilously from a tree branch and search for yet another hidden amongst the Savannah grasses. Follow animal tracks, creep and crawl past elephants and use your sharp lion claws to release the traps forbidden within the animal reserve!

Make your way to the high arctic with Diego to save Ringed Seals who have lost their homes to the melt while watching “Diego‘s Ringed Seal Rescue“! Past Polar Bears and through blizzards lead a lost ringed seal to safety. Use knowledge of animals, a little problem solving , and perhaps a little water skipping with a transformable skidoo to once more rescue an animal in distress {I just wonder if the polar bears may need something to eat as well}! Help the polar bear as well along the way!

Back to Africa to help a Hippo reunite with his friend and then Borneo to help an baby Orangutan. Even Birute Galdikas--famous Orangutan researcher and conservationist--could be proud! Row down a river, somersault on land, and explorer tools to save this primate baby!

Exciting adventures educating children about animals, and of course teaching a little Spanish and a lot of critical thinking! Young children like my five year old will love this DVD!
Purchase Nick Jr. “Go Diego Go!: Lion Cub Rescue” available now!

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