Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be careful who you challenge to a fight…you might wind up fighting a champion! When Carly jokingly trash talks teen fighting champion Shelby Marx and unwittingly challenges her to a fight Carly soon gets more than she bargained for! iCarly: ifight Shelby Marx , a television movie, is now the DVD of choice in my household. It has been an eternity since one movie has been replayed this often and by all three of my children! My children rave about this movie in which Carly prepares for the fight of her life--or perhaps will be fighting for her life--with the help of her friends!

iCarly is a Nickelodeon hit television show about a young teen and her friends who create and produce the web show If you haven’t heard then where have you been? This is the top rated show for kids 2-11! Yes, two to eleven and not only does its appeal extend across age groups it also knows no gender boundaries. iCarly is a favourite for boys and girls of all ages and my children are the perfect example of the iCarly fan range.

I only recently learned the impact of the iCarly phenomenon. I knew my girls ages 5 and 7 watched the show regularly, and yes my son watched but I thought this was possibly only for the sake of his sisters. I was talking to a friend and soon learned that iCarly was the favourite program of her two boys 6 and 8. It was then that I discovered the wide, boundary crossing appeal was truly genius. What makes this show so popular? I believe it is a combination of the zany antics complete with verbal zingers and slap-stick humour, and the contemporary context of a computer show and tweens just dealing with the dilemmas and frustrations of everyday life--school, family, growing up, and creating! A show within a show, the concept is fresh, fun, and the definite wave of a new era. Hilarious, goofy, and computer oriented it is exactly what kids are currently looking for in television viewing.

While the real excitement from this DVD will be generated by the feature movie iCarly: ifight Shelby Marx Paramount Home Entertainment has even more to offer the truly iCarly crazed! This DVD includes a second television movie special: idate a Bad Boy and two more bonus iCarly episodes. Special features of this sure-to-be-popular DVD: exclusive behind-the-scenes extras and the Pilot Episode of Big Time Rush.

If you are looking for a DVD your kids will probably never become bored with--hey, maybe to top up that Easter basket this weekend-- iCarly: ifight Shelby Marx which just hit store shelves yesterday is a great choice!

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