Friday, March 5, 2010

Is Industry Looking out for You?

Environmental awareness can be simple and include the everyday acts ordinary people strive to accomplish daily but it can also involve complicated science and the knowledge of what industry needs to do to change.

We can aid in preventing and minimizing pollution and environmental degradation but industry must also use environmental controls like thermal oxidizer equipment to prevent or minimize their impact as well. We can beg for industry to become entirely environment conscious and turn to alternative sources of energy but until society and government demands it perhaps the band aid solution will be reduction versus extinction of emissions!

Why do I care what a thermal oxidizer is or whether industries go to companies like Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc. to purchase thermal oxidizer parts? Well, maybe I don't care about the details and science. Maybe I don't need to know that Thermal oxidizers are used to reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes by treating the polluted exhaust gas prior to discharging the exhaust gas to atmosphere. But because I breathe in the air these emissions invade, because my children breathe it in I care what steps industries may be taking to minimize their impact.

To destroy the contaminants in a polluted exhaust gas, a thermal oxidizer uses the principle of "thermal oxidation". Thermal oxidation is a combustion process in which the contaminants within the polluted exhaust gas react with oxygen in a temperature controlled environment to create an oxidation reaction. This chemical reaction is what reduces the pollutants in the exhaust gas to an innocuous--or shall we say somewhat less toxic--emission (CO2, water vapor, and heat) to atmosphere.

Thermal oxidizers and thermal oxidizer repair are not solutions to global warming nor do they deter the need to look for alternative environmentally friendly energy sources but haven't you ever wondered what are industries doing? What steps are they taking no matter how small? Are they doing anything or are we the everyday ordinary Joes with no knowledge of thermal oxidizers and combustion controls being duped into believing someone is watching out for us all? Hmmm!

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  1. Nice article Niki. Truly.

    Since I actually work in the voc abatement industry, I believe it is the people, and the government who represent The People, who enact regulations that (hopefully, supposedly) protect the environment, and thereby protecting us.

    And that's the long view, isn't it? We need to protect nature and the inhabitants thereof out of compassion, and in the end we are protecting ourselves. Everything is inter-connected.