Friday, March 5, 2010

Possibly Starting Over!

I have mentioned in a post here or there that we will be moving...maybe sooner maybe later. My husband's job affords us the opportunity to move all over our great country. He is being transfered this spring but everything involved in a government move is always tentative. First we wait for final paperwork {fingers crossed this will come around April 1st}, then it is time to sell our house. We've been preparing. We installed some replacement windows, I'm decluttering and weeding through the accumulation from the last four years, and we've even replaced some of the vinyl siding around our back down, necessary compliments of our giant nuissance of a dog.
Already, though our house is not even on the market yet, we have had some inquiries so with any luck these prospects will prevent us from stewing over the house sale too long.

With the magic of online realty sites we've already been peeking at what is currently available in the town to which we will be relocating but it certainly has us on tender hooks! I developed an incredible headache last night just reviewing the few properties that suit our needs. I enjoy redecorating and house improvements but am not interested in huge home remodeling projects. I hate the idea of paying too much but I also hate the idea of getting a bargain that will require us to live in a renovation zone for an enternity. What I am most excited about however is an acreage. Yes, we want a little land with that house, a place for the dog to roam, a place where the kids can build a fort in the summer and Tom can flood for an outdoor rink in the winter, a huge garden for us, fruit trees, and room to live! Keeping our fingers-crossed and our toes too!
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  1. It is great that you have had some inquiries already. Hopefully the move will go smoothly. If you do end up moving, any idea where you would be headed?