Monday, March 29, 2010

Life According to Angela~Update of my latest Life Adventures!

I'm used to a life filled with the unexpected and the exciting drama of living each day as a learning adventure but the latest life turn has me in a tailspin!

I have never been the most patient individual. I get an idea, make a life decision it is then time to implement sitting around! Unfortunately, the nature of my husband's career can often take the control we have over our own lives and leave us waiting anxiously with our hands tied. How to explain?

My husband has a career which will require us to transfer every so many years. This past fall my husband received paper work asking if we would accept a transfer. After deliberating briefly we knew we were ready to accept the transfer and the idea of moving took hold. There was no rush of excitement. There were no arrangements to be made. We knew the final paperwork telling us our transfer was granted would not arrive until Spring. After Christmas I realized I had a long road de-cluttering and downsizing for the move so the last several months I have spent my time desperately weeding out items to donate and shedding unnecessary extras, making small home repairs and trying to live life as usual.

Now that spring is here and April 1st is supposed to be the day transfers are announced this week has been the longest I can remember! The wait has been exacerbated by so many unknowns and frustrations. The government organization which employs my hubby is one brimming with policies, including regarding the removal benefits. We have to sell our house before we can go on a house hunting trip and we are not allowed to put our house on the market until we receive the go ahead {or we forfeit the benefits the organization can offer! This would be frustrating enough but the kicker is we may have a buyer lined up and we can't even show her the house yet.

Someone contacted us several times this year eager to buy or at least get first crack at the house before we list but we keep having to put them off until we get the nod. The worst part is we have been checking mls and other online sites for available properties in our destination location and because we are looking for acreages the selection is more than a little limited. In fact, we have found a total of one...yes only one...listing which suits our needs and though it seems perfect I fear it may be gone before we have even an opportunity to view it.

Sorry I'm in such an unfocused frame of mind! I hope to get back on track soon. With any luck the end of this week will bring at least some answers and resolve! Here's to the longest week!

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh that is beyond frustrating. The need to know that you'll be able to sell and find a home for your family sounds terribly frustrating.
    Thank goodness though that the week is here.
    I hope you get word soon.
    You are a tough cookie. Hang in there!

  2. Best wishes always!

    We, your readers, are here when you are.

  3. Thanks ladies! You just made my day!! It's nice to feel heard and I hate the constant worry when I can't get things up's funny how a blog can almost control your life even when you try to keep it a fun little extra. I hate the panic that ensues when you fear you've lost everyone;) Thanks for sticking with me!