Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mattel's New WWE Collection!

This toy review may seem out of my normal realm but there is a nostalgic reason I just couldn’t resist. In the 1980s, when the WWF {as it was known at the time} and wrestling mania took hold my cousin Craig became possibly the world’s biggest fan of this crazy new entertainment/sports genre. My cousin had Downs Syndrome and anything which allowed him a moment away from the troubles of the world and gave him an outlet for his imagination and creation of an alternate reality was wonderful. He understood it was only entertainment and imaginings and it was his WWF action figures which became his favourite toys.

When I was asked to review a toy from Mattel’s new WWE {World Wrestling Entertainment} lineup it was in honour of my cousin that I thought this review apropos and to be honest, though my son doesn’t watch WWE matches, Gabriel was very excited about the Ultimate Rivals WWE action figures he received from Mattel for this review! Some children will enjoy recreating their favourite matches using these seven inch action figures or like my son they may just enjoy displaying them as collectors items. My son posed them on his bookshelf and praised how very cool they looked.
Admittedly I am not a WWE fan myself and being a rather pacifist individual I find it odd including these wrestling icons in my home but I do realize the entertainment value for boys and the relative innocuous nature of a figurine. My son loves collecting them, just as he does other sporting memorabilia and Mattel has kept the adult collectors in mind as well by creating an Elite Collection and Entrance Greats line. These lines include individual stands, authentic costumes, extreme articulation and amazing accuracy that even the most discerning collector will appreciate. I know my cousin would have been completely enthralled with this new line of WWE products!

“Mattel is excited to bring the iconic WWE entertainment brand to fans worldwide, through an authentic line of products that capture all the drama and excitement that makes the WWE a worldwide phenomenon, WWE has spent the past decade tailoring its live and broadcast entertainment experience to a more mainstream audience. Our goal is to help kids and parents extend the experience even further by safely recreating the action in the home through play with these action figures.”
Tim Kilpin, general manager, Mattel Brands' Girls, Boys & Games Division.

Launched in January 2010 the World Wrestling Entertainment line from Mattel includes Action Figures created to replicate individual WWE stars authentically , these can be purchased individually and in two-packs. My son received the Ultimate Rivals 2-pack with the Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho action figures. The two-pack was perfect for recreating matches especially for a child like my son who did not already have other figures. Mattel will be releasing new figures each month!

Also included in the new WWE Collection Flex-Force figures which can be manipulated into recreating various wrestling moves and the WWE Superstar Ring perfect for housing the ensuing action. From action figure play and costume elements for imaginary play to authentic collectables this collection will certainly be a hit with boys of all ages!
Available in toy stores and toy aisles everywhere!

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  1. Great review! We're BIG into wrestling as both me and my husband grew up watching it in the 90's and still through today. I know we bought my 5 year old a TON of the other brand they use to carry and I have to say I really love these new Mattel figures as they seem to be made more for the smaller kids (as they are more focusing on family entertainment then the craziness they are known for from the 90's lol)