Friday, April 2, 2010

Winners! Winners! Winners!

Winner of the Prima Pincessa Swan Lake DVD:

Congratulations Tannie's Chatter!!

Winners of Chicken Soup for the Soul Teacher Tales:

Congratulations to The Bookworm, Misfit Mommy aka Missy, and Couponmom!!


Cahootie Winner:

Congrats to Misfit Mommy aka Missy you've won a Cahootie!


James Patterson's Worst Case Winners:

Congrats Suzie, Simply Stacie, Matt Kara Hunter and Cavan, and Fredamans! #50 was a repeat so I redrew and the final winner is #40 Sarah Lynnes!!
I will contact winners later today:)
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  1. Thanks a bunch Angela!!! So excited!!
    Congrats to the other winners!!!